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Just follow your heart ..

...and you will sure wake up to something you have dreamt of!  Just like this beautiful picture one of my friend shared, I did this baby shower banner for her. She is going to have a boy so she wanted a sports theme for the party! I am so in love with the pictures she shared.

And here is the baby shower card I made! a pretty simple one but thats how I like it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Eenzy Beenzy

Let me stop judging ~

As this year started, I made a list of changes rather improvements I want to make - one was to stop judging others because it only makes me unhappy if someone does not behave the way I want him/her to. I recently read an article around that and would love to share what I liked about it."We judge everyone because we are ignorant of what the person is going through, we unrealistic expectations of people, we get self centered, we stop being curious, but instead we close off all learning.  We can't really help someone or the the situation from a place of judgment.
Only when we let go of the judgment that has arisen, and come to a place of acceptance and curiosity and empathy, we can help. And  we will be a lot happier in the process!"
So here is the quick one I did - I never miss a chance to gift handmade stuff to those I love. This one is a gift card holder for a friends wedding. These are the ones that get taken away the earliest!

Thanks for stopping by, Eenzy Beenzy

Babies are precious ~

Being a mommy to a precious 10 month old gives my Life totally a new meaning. Things that made me fret, things that upset me and things about a few close ones which annoyed me suddenly stopped 
bothering me at all. Life has never been so beautiful and content. Such are these precious lil ones.
Just can't be more thankful for this gift that has made my Life better than the best. 
Check out this cute envelope I made sometime back - can be used as a gift card holder. 

Thanks for stopping by,
Eenzy Beenzy

Love Birds ~

Hello People!

Here comes the rush hour inspiration - When you are short of ideas just look around and something right in front of you would inspire you to make something prettier than you can ever imagine.
Last week , after doing my daily chores as I sat besides my rooms glass door, and sip my chai - I saw a little birdie chirping in my garden (no i don't have a big one ;) I have just a few plants which I have nicely decorated and placed in a corner and it feels so refreshing to see them each morning).
So, here goes what my mind just processed - I use illustrator to create these images. If you wish to use the same one - please send me an email at eenzybeenzy(at) and I can send you the vector file for the same.
I always wished to make cards like this one where in I used my illustrator skills as well. Look how pretty it came out ~ For you to post your projects, here is the link for the IQCG blog -…

Hearts and Roses ~

Hi Guys, I am back yet again with some more inspiration, If you have been thinking to start off with a project - you are at the right place. The awesome DT at IQCG has been trying their best to inspire all those crafty people around! I hope to see even more participation this time around. The winner for this month gets a gift from Meenakshi Papers & Co, Madurai. Here is the link for the IQCG blog - Just go ahead and post your projects by clicking on the Add your link button. Soft hues , touch of gold and a  pretty bow - Here goes my final week inspiration for you all, just in case you are still thinking what to make - try out some simple tear drop leaves and make them in a beautiful bunch of flowers or hearts!  I am one crazy person who loves to photoshoot my cards to details :P I think the amount of time, effort and patience that goes in making the card should not go unnoticed.

Thanks for sw…

Love is in the Air ~

Hello wonderful people!
I see a lot of enthusiasm around - totally loved the inspirations of the DT at IQCG. I hope to see more creativity oozing out for this month. coz its the valentines month - perfect time to spread love, smiles and cheer with your lil gestures.  Hearts and Roses and the love bug - Here goes my midway inspiration for you all, just in case you are still thinking what to make - try out some simple tear drop leaves and make them in a beautiful bunch of flowers!  Put a beautiful heartfelt message and you are good to go.
If you wish to participate - here is the link for the IQCG blog - Just go ahead and post your projects by clicking on the Add your link button.

Here is a bunch of roses - pretty simple but looks beautiful!

And this one I kept for the last - my personal favourite :)

Love You All,
Eenzy Beenzy

Thank you card for IQCG!

Hi Guys,

As I already mentioned in my last post that I will be a part of the DT for IQCG 2015. A heart felt 'Thank you' dear Shylaa for having confidence in me to inspire others with my creations. Eenzy Beenzy for me has always been about spreading happiness and smiles and I hope I am able to sprinkle some of it there as well!

Here is the card I made - A pretty simple one to start with. I used light tones of pink and mauve to give it a soft look and the pearls add to the elegance.
I used my printer to type the sentiment - The font I used is lavanderia.

Eenzy Beenzy

Hello January ~

...As we start the fresh year, A small message that I would love to share "New Year is a perfect time to clear up your mental roadblocks and live the life you dream to have! Who you were last year doesn't define who can be this year. Go face your fears and be the Best 'You'"
I am very happy to share that I will be a part of IQCG (Indian Quilling Challenge Group) for the coming year ~ Looking forward to crafty year! Thanks Shylaa for nominating me for the same!
Check more at the link here -

Hello! My name is Shruti, I am so glad to be a part of the Indian quilling challenge Design Team. I am from the city beautiful ' Chandigarh' but currently stay in Bangalore. I discovered my quilling talent in April ' 2010 when I had to quit my job and move with my husband to the States, And since then there has been no looking back. There are two reasons why I love to quill - since it requires a…