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Tiny Cards ~

I always have a hard time to get rid of the left over stuff in my stash..hence I started using the leftover stuff to make tiny notes. But I loved the idea so much that I started making tiny cards.  One set of tiny cards have already gone and the second one is being customized for an order.

Eenzy Beenzy

Cards spread love...

...Make someone feel loved today! A beautiful card I made for a friends husband. She sent me a pretty note saying that your cards are so good looking and elegant just like jewellry. woww! It couldn't get any better. The quilled flowers are the ones my dad did for me and the 'You and Me' rhine stones made it look all the more fab!

Smiles all the way, Eenzy Beenzy

Basket of love ~

Just finished working on a bunch of shagan envelopes. Aren't they pretty!  Can you believe my dad has been addicted to quilling as well and all the flowers that you see are quilled by him. :) Please feel free to drop in an email to if you need some of these or something of these kinds.

Smiles all the way,
Eenzy Beenzy

Happy Thanksgiving ~

A BIG Thank you to all the beautiful people in my Life. Thanks for trusting me, supporting me and letting me be myself and an even BIGGER Thank you to the not so beautiful people - you guys have helped me stay strong, you were absolutely important for whatever I am today!
A Thank you note I made recently -  simple and yet so pretty! I love the soft pinks and mauves and the rhinestones make it look even prettier. 

...make someone happy...
Eenzy Beenzy

With All my Heart ~

That was my first order ever from Amsterdam, Netherlands! for someone who is suffering from Cancer! :(  I know my card isn't going to make things any easier for her but still  it touches my heart deeply and that the something I make will bring a slightest smile to someones who needs the most! I hope she is able to keep herself together during this hard time!
The card says "True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart"

With all my heart ~
Eenzy Beenzy

...And its celebration time...

Yayyy! Its celebration time in India, I am absolutely loving it. Things have become a lil relaxed at work too so that means spending more time doing my fav stuff! So happy that my dad decided to celebrate Diwali 'Eenzy Beenzy' style this time! Here are a bunch of cards I made for him. 

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy

Count your blessings ~

I have read a lot of quotes on 'count your blessings', 'be thankful for what you have' and stuff! But what I actually saw in real yesterday made me actually count my blessings more than a million times! There were a group of deaf and dumb school kids who were being offered school bags - They were so happy but they had the most silent laughter - I almost had tears in my eyes when some of the kids came and started touching my feet! My heart actually skipped a beat! How I thought to myself, It is totally useless to crib on materialistic things in life, those kids made me realize....the most important things in life are NOT things!
A beautiful note from a pretty customer of mine, Damn! I missed to check this before!

And I have been burning midnight lamps..literally to make these diwali lamps! My dad wants to me to make cards for him - feels good :) Here is a sneak peak!

And my all time favorite - fancy envelopes! I never get tired of making them :) I love it how quickly they ge…

Live in the moment ~

Hello guys,
Life has been moving pretty fast for me since we have moved back to India - My regular day job had never been so hectic, there are days when I actually feel like taking a break from work and just make cards! :P  Still time to go when I actually do that...till then a reminder to self to live in the moment :)
I love it how it hangs in my room next to the cookie jar! ;) 

Love, Eenzy Beenzy

Something just dont feel right ~

Recently my mom sent me pictures of an exhibition they visited and I was surprised to see most of my designed copied totally. I was lil upset initially but then I realized that internet is like an open book - you cannot control who does what!

I recently started selling my stuff to a store close to my home - people seem to be liking my cards! My first attempt at making a quilled peacock feather! Pretty neat for the first time!

Thanks for stopping by, Eenzy Beenzy

Back after a break..

Life had been so awfully busy - side effects of being surrounded by family ;)
that I wasnt able to login to my blog and have been away from my craft room for weeks now.
For once I do miss my home in Minnepolis when I had all the time in the world to myself.
Anyway - the good news is , all my fancy envelopes are gone.. lots of them to the family , they all loved it. And a few of them in a local store very close to where I stay. The most beautiful feeling! :)

I didnt get a chance to write but our team won the Start up weekend and I designed my first mobile app , met great people and love the way how it our idea was appreciated by everyone! What a wonderful feeling it was!

Here is the link for the event -

Smiles and Cheers, Eenzy Beenzy

Awesomeness ~

Hello People,
I am having at fabulous time at the Start up Weekend - Awesome bunch of people doing awesome stuff! Pure Awesomeness! It started with my first ever impromptu performance, I had butterflies in my stomach but I think the humour and the smile covered it up well. Cant believe myself designing a mobile app! Just feels like a dream coming true :) Will blog about it more once I am done!  Just cant thank my husband enough for pushing me into it ...lolz. Hope you guys are having fabulous weekend where ever you are!
Check out another set of cute envelopes I made last week - aren't they pretty! I love it how using pearls makes it look all the more pretty. :)

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy

Down the Memory Lane ~

I was looking at some old pics and I stumbled on a few of my pics from Arizona. I spent 2 yrs of my Life in Phoenix for an onsite assignment, I had the most awsesome time of my Life then.
Life seemed to be just perfect - the first hand experience of stuff and places in America which I had only heard of and read in books. Everything looked so pretty and it made all the more prettier coz I had the perfect bunch of friends. Some were funny and some tried to act funny and some a lil serious and some who had wierd looking eyes! :P
But we all were a perfect bunch :) Celebrating birthdays in our own special ways - singing and dancing! Sometimes I wanted life to stop coz that all seemed like a perfect dream! Gosh! I feel nostalgic...wish I could turn back time!
Another fancy envelope - perfect combination of colours and is perfect to use it as a gift card holder. I just cant get tired of quilling :)

Eenzy Beenzy

Free Digi Stamp ~

Last week I worked on creating digital stamps using Adobe Illustrator - here is my first one. This is the .gif file. Please feel free to download and use this. Another pretty card I made using double shades on pink on the quilled flowers - it make it look so vibrant. I so much loved this. Hope y'all like it too! It is so amazing to find all the crafting tools here in India...but there are times when I do miss my fav store Michaels - I loved shopping from there. Still need to find a paper source or Michales here!

Love, Eenzy Beenzy