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I am Shruti, I am software engineer by profession but a designer by choice. I am always on a look of for solving problems, designing and improving things around me that makes my everyday beautiful (be it my kids wardrobes or the kitchen or wall decor to designing clothing for new moms) Yes, I am a mompreneur as well, hop onto  https://ohappysunshine.com/ to know more.

I love connecting to people and their stories and Eenzy Beenzy helps me do that through my cards and creations. I think in this digital age, it is definitely touching to actually receive something physical in the mail and it is even more special when it is handmade!

If 'Eenzy Beenzy' has touched your lives in anyway - I would love to hear.
It means a lot to me. You can buzz the Eenzy Beenzy -

I am a mom two lil kids who have made my world very very beautiful but at the same time extremely busy. However busy and messy my life gets, Eenzy Beenzy bring me back to peace, it is something that gives me immense joy and puts me back into a state of flow.

I believe in chasing my dreams, taking chances and totally living it up!

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy


  1. Ana Rehan is my first customer who requested a set of 125 babyshower invites.
    She sent me this message on my cell phone -

    Hey Shruti! Your cards are a hit..everyone loved them! Hope this will bring you more clients. I will kit and will be needing you in the near future for another set of invites.

    Thanks again!

  2. its so good to be appreciated for all good work. u deserve it dear. keep it up.

  3. Great Job Shruti, You are awesome! Keep up the good work.

  4. Got an email from Diana Sarpe !
    Hello! I enjoy watching your work very much, because you have a very nice nice and unique style and I want to congratulate you for you patience and talent.

    Thanks - u did make my day :)

  5. Shruti, very Good Job..
    Your work is a gr8 combination of imagination and aesthetic insight.
    It is the perfect balance of art and craft.
    Thanks a lot for making our memories beautiful.

  6. Aww! Thats so sweeet :)
    I am so glad that you loved the card :)

  7. The cards are really beautiful and very creative. Congrats for your first big order. Keep it up!

  8. ur work rialli apprecialble...i woudsay it dazzles ol over r mind...rialli an effortful job....and dis eenzy benzy rocks tremendously n awesumly...!!!! luved it...luved it...n only luved it..!!!

  9. I'll say, you have some god-gifted art. Amazing cards. Love all of them.. In near future, expect some orders from me

  10. Eenzy Beenzy is just a symbol of Shruti's creativity. These cards are not just to express your feelings but also to express how deeply you miss or love sbdy.............I wish Shruti all the best for her endeavors and I am very certain that one day these lovely artistic pieces become the global brand and grab the attention of people across world.....Kudos to you, Shruti!!!

  11. Congratulations Shruti..
    Seriously, your creativity at crafts has amazed me during your stay at Chicago.. Never imagined the marvelous art-lover inside a hard core software professional.. believe me, i like each and every piece of art you create, it is so magnificent.. Keep it up..
    You're A Shining Star!

  12. Sabiha Sud posted this on my facebook - hey I was introduced to your creativity by Akhil and I was so happy to see the beauty...would like to complement you and let you know that u are an inspiration...right now I have a card in making...thanks to u :) :)

    She did make my day :) *Hugs*

  13. Action speaks louder than words.
    I know you have colourful & creative taste in every field since childhood.I must appreciate each & every piece of art u ve created.I am proud of u my little angel.I am thankful to God.. he has blessed me with loving, cute, sweet, supportive & wonderful darling daughter. keep it up .God bless u.
    I love u sweetheart!

  14. This site is just plain Awesome!

  15. hello di!! this is first time i am seeing your work must you are doing an incredible job..very difficult which one i liked the most!! i remember masi talking about it but your work exceeds all the praises. keep up the great job.

  16. Hi Shruti
    Thank you so much for the wonderful cards and the collage. They are just awesome. You have created the perfect memories for us to cherish for life! Keep up the good work, and would definitely order more stuff from you and recommend to my friends as well.

  17. Feedback on my Etsy Store -
    jocelinamarie says:
    These arrived in record time, and are even more adorable in real life. Thanks so much! :)

  18. Feedback on my Etsy Store -

    komaragiri says:
    I bought this card for one of my friend's wedding shower. My friend was very delighted after seeing this beautiful card. The quality of the work on the card definitely makes much difference than the store bought cards and the price was very reasonable. I'm already a big fan of Eenzy Benzy now and I recommend this site to all my friends to shop in it. Thanks Eenzy, love all your unique card designs.

  19. Feedback on my Etsy Store -

    linknamrata says:
    Got this card delivered this 3 days and was thrilled to see it. It was way more beautiful than i had ever expected. It was so well wrapped in 2 different types of packing and very well shipped. It was definitely worth my money and would recommend to my friends too... Thanks a lot Shruti...Keep up the great work :)

  20. Feedback on my Etsy Store -

    eshitamarwah says:
    I love the card...It's adorable...and even the wrapping was so cute.. So much better than what you get in the market..and it has such a nice personal touch to it! Can't wait to find a good occasion to order again :)

  21. thelaststride says:
    She is a miracle worker! Amazing work and prompt delivery. Would definitely work with again.

  22. mamun10 says:
    WOW, WOW & WOW, Shruti made a beautiful card on the Mother'day. I could not believe after opening the package, How beautiful the card was. It was wrapped in a beautiful pink colored paper and ribbon. The presentation was much perfect to show. My wife was very much surprised on the mother's day. Thank you so much to deliver the awesome card. It will be unforgettable for many years.

  23. lshridevi says:
    Thanks so much for the customized and beautiful picture collage you made for our anniversary. This will be a special and memorable gift for both me and my husband. I'd always love to shop from your website as can find more details in your designs and quick awesome service. Thanks so much Eenzy Beenzy, We owe you so much!!!

  24. Kranti says -
    I am glad that I shared my thoughts with Shruti to create a baby shower card for my wife. Her creative and unique ideas in making this card were amazing. I don't think I could have come up with any better gift then your Collage. My wife loved it.

  25. Eshita says -
    Loved all the 4 cards I ordered. All the hardwork and effort showed in each one of them...each one being pretty in it's own different way. You can customize em and make em look like just how to want em (actually better). Really fast shipping, too. They were prefect goodbye cards- Thank you!

  26. Beautiful work!!!


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