Friday, February 27, 2015

Love Birds ~

Hello People!

Here comes the rush hour inspiration - When you are short of ideas just look around and something right in front of you would inspire you to make something prettier than you can ever imagine.

Last week , after doing my daily chores as I sat besides my rooms glass door, and sip my chai - I saw a little birdie chirping in my garden (no i don't have a big one ;) I have just a few plants which I have nicely decorated and placed in a corner and it feels so refreshing to see them each morning).
So, here goes what my mind just processed - I use illustrator to create these images. If you wish to use the same one - please send me an email at eenzybeenzy(at) and I can send you the vector file for the same.
I always wished to make cards like this one where in I used my illustrator skills as well.
Look how pretty it came out ~
For you to post your projects, here is the link for the IQCG blog -
Just go ahead and post your pretty cards by clicking on the Add your link button

Follow your heart Always ~
Eenzy Beenzy


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