Hello January ~

...As we start the fresh year, A small message that I would love to share "New Year is a perfect time to clear up your mental roadblocks and live the life you dream to have! Who you were last year doesn't define who can be this year. Go face your fears and be the Best 'You'"
I am very happy to share that I will be a part of IQCG (Indian Quilling Challenge Group) for the coming year ~ Looking forward to crafty year! Thanks Shylaa for nominating me for the same!
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Hello! My name is Shruti, I am so glad to be a part of the Indian quilling challenge Design Team. I am from the city beautiful ' Chandigarh' but currently stay in Bangalore. I discovered my quilling talent in April ' 2010 when I had to quit my job and move with my husband to the States, And since then there has been no looking back. There are two reasons why I love to quill - since it requires a lot of patience to make a perfect quilled pattern , it helps me slow down, relax and be a peace with myself and secondly coz I love being a part of someones memories and more so love the happy Thank you's that I receive back!

Starting the New Year with one of the cards I made with a lot of doubts in my mind, but so happy that it came out nice. With a lil 8 month around who loves to grab anything and everything she sees making this was sure a challenge. But doing something which you think would be impossible sure makes your heart dance with joy!

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  1. love the way you have done it shruti. hearty welcome to the team


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