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The countdown has begun...

...last few days to go for this fabulous year to end.
Like always , its time to reflect on all the richness this year was filled with.

This indeed has been one of the finest years of my Life and I just can't thank the Almighty enough for his blessings. We got blessed with a beautiful baby girl and Life suddenly has a new meaning - priorities have changed, relationships have a new meaning and my mornings became brighter! 

Life has gotten really busy and guess it will only get busier and days and months and years will just slip by! so, I make sure to make cards, it helps me slow down and relax and just be!

I am so ready to welcome the new year with open arms and a broad smile on my face! I am very happy to be chosen as part of the DT for IQCG (Indian Quilling Challenge Group). Thanks Shylaa for having confidence in me! Looking forward to enjoy and have fun with the talented bunch of people.

A card I made recently for a dear friend, she got engaged recently and has been asking me to do on…

Make your own quilled cards

Hello peeps,
One of the DIY kits I worked on today, if you guys are interested please inbox me at

These are the tiny lil cards have always been my fav, I use them as Thank You notes :)

Love and care, Eenzy Beenzy

In love all over again

It always feels great when I hear from someone for whom I make cards or I teach quilling.. I received this Thank You note from a pretty student of mine! Thanks dear for the love :)

I am in love with quilling all over again - My fav yellow and magenta flowers all over again. These are the shagan envelops I did for my aunt - I always have to have a few of them ready. Just love it how they get taken away so quick!

Love all the way,
Eenzy Beenzy

DIY Kits are back ~

Hello beautiful people..
Here is the DIY I was working on - this is absolutely all you need to make a beautiful handmade quilled card :) Please inbox me if you are interested. 

I make sure I thank the person who helps me in the most slightest way. And I always have my Thank you notes ready - which I love to use, I made a few simple but elegant 'Thank You' cards for my husband for his job interviews - I am glad he got thru whatever he wanted, looks like my 'Thank You' notes worked as a good luck for him *wink wink*

Also I wanted to share a brilliant piece of work one of my student did - she made fringed flowers on a wall clock! I so love to see what my students share!

Smiles and Cheers, Eenzy Beenzy

You are the sweetest thing..

Hi Guys,
I am back after a long break - was busy taking care of my lil one and packing stuff to move to Bangalore. Gosh! It was quite a task but thank God for parents, it just seemed so easy with their help and support.  ....All I have been hearing from friends and strangers is they want to make cards themselves but then they don't know what all stuff to buy , so I am working on Do It Yourself kits.  Here is a sneak peek, I will keep you guys posted once they are ready.

Another car I made few months back - didnt get time to post back then.

Stay Happy, Stay Sweet, Eenzy Beenzy

Happy Mothers Day ~

This was my first mothers day - Feel very blessed to have a beautiful baby who makes me feel special everyday :) Some beautiful quilled cards I made for my mom this time - I feel blessed to have a loving mom who is always an inspiration to me. Thank You God for these precious gifts Life have bestowed on me.

Eenzy Beenzy

...And Eenzy Beenzy is 4

Yayyy! Eenzy Beenzy turns 4.  This year has been a very awesome year - With the deepest gratitude I wish to Thank every person who has come into my Life and inspired , touched and illuminated me through their presence. 

Thanks and Love,
Eenzy Beenzy

Love You Dad ~

Before moving back from Hyderabad - I made a lot of cards...I mean a LOT! I was so addicted to the TV show 'Friends' and quilling and both gave me very awesome company. I wanted to sell off/share my cards and my craft stuff with my frends at ISB. I just wanted to make some extra space in my basket so that I can fill it with something new :)
This is one of those very many cards I made. Yellows and greens go together so well. 

Eenzy Beenzy

Thank You notes ~

Last 3 months have been super duper busy taking care of orders and winding up stuff from Hyderabad. I havent been able to post much on my blog but have been super actively making cards.. I made a couple of blank notes like this one that can be used as Thank you notes for my friends. Like always I never miss a chance to say Thank you to my fav people. 

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy

Happy Times... so fast!  Last year I did a photoshoot for my friends 1st month Birthday and this month she turned one..time just went by so fast! I did a collage for her using the same pictures - looks so pretty! Mommy and Daddy were super excited - I exactly know how it feels to receive personalized gifts - so I never miss on a chance to make my dear friends happy with these lil gestures.

Eenzy Beenzy