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Welcome 2011 ~

As we welcome the new year with open arms, Its time to look back and cherish all the good things that happened last year.
For me, Life was the strange and funny, irritaing and annoying at times, exciting and confusing most of the times - but now when I look back everything that happened had its own wow moments. Lots of learnings and unlearnings happened all this while.

This is a tiny little card I made yesterday. I used construction paper for the quilling. The paper is really nice and can be easily curled. It gives the pattern a really soft look.

Wishing you the best of health,happiness and love this year :)

Happy New year!

Down the memory lane!

Today while clearing up my mail box I found this - an article I had written for 'Avant Garde' our college magazine!
This brought back the memories of those 4 years! They were truly the best years of my life.
That was the time of dreaming, aiming and achieving, fun and frolic, tears and laughters and making friends for Life!

To all my friends in college - while you study hard for your grades make sure you dont miss out the fun part. Few years down the line, you might forget the grades, actually you WILL! but the memories you make will last for ever and ever.

The newest addition to my basket is the tiny cute gift bag - perfect for tiny stuff like gift cards , jewelry or may be chocolates :)

P.S. - Check out the new logo on my fb page.

Season of Joy!

Christmas parties, gifts, decorations and celebrations! - sure the holiday season brings a  smile on every face!
Another card I made on this weekend - this one just happened while I was curling some left over strips of paper! 

Sometimes I feel - I was born to make quilled cards . lol!
Recently I came across this website - It is a non-profit organization focussed on development of poor children. You can Sponsor a Child's education for as little as Rs 600/month. I was quite amazed how a lil step from our side can make a wonderful difference in somebody's Life! 

Lets bring a smile on someone's face :)

Jingle Bells ~

Here comes the the most beautiful and happy time of the year! 
Everything around is so beautifully decorated - Check out the picture of 'The Mall of America', they have put a three floor high Christmas tree - looks so gilttery.

I tried my hand on quilling bells - they came out super neat so I made ten of these super 3D cards.
I had been longing to use my snowflake punch :). The glitter I put on them makes the card look super cool.

Merry Christmas :)

The happy corner!

Finally a picture of my craft room, this is the happiest corner of my home! 
Whenever I need to brighten up my mood - thats where I come :)

This is a copy of the previous one I made - One of my friend wanted this for his girl. I use my loop punch for the corners and inside of the card reads - 'Girl you are amazing just the way you are!' :) Love the 3D'ness of the card !

Another card that I made out of the left over ecofi felt.

Thanks for stopping by!

The first milestone!

Recently we celebrated our first milestone together - our life has been like a roller coaster all this while... some crazy falls , some smooth turns and some scariest 360 degrees. But I am glad we landed safe and strong. This is one of the craziest thing ever I have done - Craziness needs company and I am glad , I have a good one :P

Here is one of the quilled cards I made, it looks so beautiful, I am so in love with it - 

Quill Quill Quill

It's amazing how coiling paper can turn out to awesome art !!!
Believe me quilling is so easy to learn - this is one of those satisfying creative activities which can be started with a minimum of equipment and expenditure.I did my first quilling card using a toothpick, glue and a regular photocopy paper!
Once you start - there is no stopping! :))
                       I made this vibrant card for a friend of mine , she celebrates her first anniversary next week. I so much love the vibrant shades of this card.

Here is a paper bag I decorated using my fav stickers. Thanks creative bee for the idea , I plan to work on it more. Creative bee has a very interesting newsletter - sure to bookmark her to your reading list.
Rise and shine :)

Love it...

I have almost fallen in love with quilling. I worked on a couple of patterns this weekend. Each pattern amazes me even more! These can be personalized as gift tags or my be used as bookmarks!

I love the 3D'ness of the card.
These are the strips of paper I used for making the quilled patterns! Amazing! isn't it!

This is a sure a good best out of waste stuff !

Happy Thanksgiving !

Its time to thank all the beautiful people who have touched my life in a beautiful way - held me , inspired me and cheered me.
                And a special thank you to the irritating and the difficult people I met on my way - I wanted to punch you right on your face then. But today I realize what a wonderful difference you have made to me.
Recently I came across some quilling patterns which I wanted to try - I am quite amazed with quilling - what wonders simple curls and twists can do to small strips of paper!
I made a couple of these cards and tags for my friends - I am glad they came out really neat!

Make sure you thank God who is always there for you even in situations when you don't see him.

Bye Chicago!

I am back home from the busiest and the noisiest roads of Chicago to the calm and the peaceful streets of Minneapolis. Life had been the hardest all this while - but now when I look back...for a second I do miss all the beautiful things of Chicago - the Navy Pier, the Bean , the Magnificent mile , the signature lounge and most of all staying on the 38th floor and getting to see the Willis tower everyday! 

Isn't this cool!

Yesterday I made this simple vibrant card for a friends fiancee - he gets married this month. Feels so bad that I wont be able to make it but I am sure this sweet lil gesture would sure bring a smile on their face.

Make sure you welcome whatever comes your way with open arms and a smile on your face.

A new start...

Last week we had a family get together at my place. It was so good to hear laughters and giggles and smiles in an otherwise silent place. 

We all live in an age when unnecessary things have become our necessities, and we tend to forget that really important things in life are not 'things'. Isn't it!
Yesterday I made this congratulations card for a dear friend who gets married next month to wish him good luck for a new start :) . I love the 3D'ness here!

Relationships are precious, Handle with care!

Christmas goodies!

Last week , I saw some Christmas decoration stuff in a near by store - Can’t believe its October already and just 2 months for the new year! Gosh! How time flies ~
I was so tempted to buy some of the Christmas goodies, and just could not resist myself to work some of the ideas I had – I am sure you would love them too. I am glad they came out pretty neat.

They are made of eco-fi felts. I so much love the cute french knots , they look like lil beads :) These can be used as decoration ornaments or may be gift card holders.

Smiles and Cheers :)

Home Sweet Home :)

I love small nicely decorated homes more than huge unorganized ones – may be coz I have a small n a cute one which I absolutely love to decorate. Today my mom and I made this one – doesn’t it look perfect for my wall ! The vibrant colours sure gives a bright look :)

We also made this bin to hold all my tiny miny craft stuff. Red and black make a perfect combo.

Thanks for looking :)

Season of celebrations!

The season of happiness is here – lots of anniversary's, birthdays and celebrations coming up. So its time to make some beautiful cards for some beautiful people. I loved this card so much that I wanted to make a similar one for all of them.
I have used my favourite red ecofi felt cut in shape of a flower and the background is the cool velvety paper. The card says – Happy anniversary to a happy couple.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Heavenly ~

The beautiful falls colours around makes the world look so heavenly!
These are the things that make me realize that there is a super God and he really does wonders sometimes...ooops! always :)

I have been working a lot on eco fi lately...I got some reds and greens for the Christmas goodies! For now I made this really cute gift card holder. Ooops! didnt realize I used magenta and yellow again! Just cant resist using this combination!

This one is up on Etsy -
Here is the beautiful picture with reds and yellows and greens and browns and the pretty pretty me ;)

Make sure you thank God for all the wonders he has done in your Life!