Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Mayhem

May has always been the happiest month for me - lots of important dates for me fall in May!
Love the way God decorates the world for me in the most amazing way! and the whole world seems to be celebrating my happiness. 

This time it didnt start as happy as it has been always..there was a flood of happy and sad emotions! 
But I am glad it ended happily with my parents coming over - 
They mean the world to me! 

These are the flowers I get to see every morning from my window..they sure bring a smile on my face!

Here are the pictures of the Birthday Banner  I made last week. I cut the letters using my silhouette. I totally loved it :)

We all make our plans , but God has his own ways of surprising us! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here it goes ~

Finally the results of the Blog Candy..
And the lucky winner is Mallika :)

Congratulations Mallika, ....send out your snail mail to eenzybeenzy@gmail.com.
The candy is ready to be sent out!

Thanks everyone for participating. Lets stay connected.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogoversary and 100th post!

This is a sticky post and will stay on top till May 20th. Please scroll down for my latest updates!

Can't believe it has been 1 year since I started making cards and posting them here, My past one year has been absolutely fabulous..I have made lots of crafty friends who have inspired me and helped me keep going. I love u all :)
This post also happens to be my 100th post which is sure a milestone to celebrate with all of you..
So I am offering the pink and yellow candy!

Here are the rules to win the candy ~
1. Follow me on my blog if you aren't - http://www.eenzybeenzy.blogspot.com/
2. Like me on Facebook - www.facebook.com/eenzybeenzy. And post the link of this post  on your wall.
3. Display the Eenzy Beenzy Candy pic on your side bar with a link to my Blog.
4. Link your blog to Mr Linky and leave a comment for my blog to let me know you have done all of it :)

Pretty simple! So lets get it rolling.

The candy is open until 20th May. Thank you and good luck!
I would use the random number generator to pick one...Lets see who gets lucky!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stay Blessed!

Friday is a day to celebrate - It brings back those pretty smiles !
But weekdays arnt too bad either if you keep reminding yourself of the things that make you happy! It makes your journey beautiful..and gives you all the reasons to know that you are blessed!

Just finished off working on a Birthday banner, pictures coming soon! Here is a simple and a pretty anniv card for a friends parents!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! 
Sending love n laughter your way!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting closer to your dreams ~

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please put your hand together for my Silhouette SD :)
I used up all the money I had been saving in my lil piggy bank. 
After lots of research I settled on this one and what this lil thing does is truly amazing!
Just that it cannot make my dinner :P

I have been working on a bulk order again..
This time a set of 125 single page welcome cards..
Here are a few simple and pretty patterns I have worked on with my silhouette..It sure is the coolest thing ever. 

You got a dream ...you gotta work on it :)
Rise n Shine!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Last week was absolute fun, was out on a vacation! It was a nostalgic feeling to be walking on the streets of Chicago and meeting some old friends I had made during my stay there!
Chicago was blooming with beautiful tulips! Walking on the riverside and watching the sun go down - it couldnt get any better!
The feeling was just "awesome"!

I made this for my friends anniversary, nothing can better these lil personalized gifts. These sure are memories to cherish for years!

Sure, my photoshop lessons are coming handy..lolz!
Have a beautiful rest of the weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Smile a BIG Smile!

This is my fav part of the season, the transition from the dry look to beautiful lush greens! It just makes me smile!
People ..its true! 
The sun rose, the sun set, days and months went by and the earth actually tilted on its axis before this moment could appear before you! 
So smile a BIG smile as you see the everything around turning green!

Here is a beautiful quilled card I made for a friend of mine! Absolutely love the colours!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

Mondays aren't usually happy, and this one wasn't an exception either... 
...for me it started with missing my alarm, missing my bus and reaching late to work! Definitely not a good start of the week! 
But then...I was welcomed with warm smiles of friends who were waiting to tell me that their wives totally loved the mothers day card I made for them. Pure Awesomeness !

These personalized collages have definitely been a hit among all my friends! 

Hope you all have a good week ahead!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moms are precious!

Moms are indeed precious! 
Just realized...WoW is Mom Upside Down! 
Here is a card I made a few days back for my mom! It did wowww her this morning :)
Just cant thank her enough for what she has done for me over all these years!

Love you mommy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Live Laugh Love!

Live - laugh - Love ! and everything else would fall in place!

I made this card for a close friend who got married last month!
Perfect card with a perfect message! 

Isn't that cute!

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