Happy Monday!

Mondays aren't usually happy, and this one wasn't an exception either... 
...for me it started with missing my alarm, missing my bus and reaching late to work! Definitely not a good start of the week! 
But then...I was welcomed with warm smiles of friends who were waiting to tell me that their wives totally loved the mothers day card I made for them. Pure Awesomeness !

These personalized collages have definitely been a hit among all my friends! 

Hope you all have a good week ahead!


  1. Love the little charms on 'Mother'. The calligraphy is beautiful as always. :)

  2. Great idea to use the pearls on the quilled stems.

  3. wow...gorgeous card!!! This is just darling...
    This designs are amazing. I just love this flower design with pearls are amazing. Thanks for this great post.

  4. awww.. soo sweet of you to make those for your friends! :D
    there definitely are soo fab!.. :D

  5. dear shruti wonderful card ,wonderful feelings iam proud of you you have given me so .... many reasons to smile.A daughterlike u makes every day beautiful.wonderful to see ur achivements May u fulfill all ur dreams &aspirations too .LOVE YOU


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