May Mayhem

May has always been the happiest month for me - lots of important dates for me fall in May!
Love the way God decorates the world for me in the most amazing way! and the whole world seems to be celebrating my happiness. 

This time it didnt start as happy as it has been always..there was a flood of happy and sad emotions! 
But I am glad it ended happily with my parents coming over - 
They mean the world to me! 

These are the flowers I get to see every morning from my window..they sure bring a smile on my face!

Here are the pictures of the Birthday Banner  I made last week. I cut the letters using my silhouette. I totally loved it :)

We all make our plans , but God has his own ways of surprising us! 


  1. Wow such a beautiful banner.How big is it?

  2. Gorgeous Shruti!!! Looks all bright and cheery!!

  3. I hope that the rest of the month is happy and cheerful! Your flowers are gorgeous and your banner is perfect! Hugs, antonella :-)

  4. wow even u own a silhouette
    thats a luxary
    lovely flowers ..

  5. Thanks everyone <3
    Sonia - This is like 2 A4 sheets combined together!

  6. WOW!.. super fun banner!.. love the die cutting!
    I really hope you have happy days ahead! :D

  7. Lovely Banner!!!I just love this birthday banner..Its looking fabulous.. Those flourish designs and the gift pieces are looking great. Thanks for this nice post.


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