Monday, August 23, 2010

Forever Sunshine :)

One of my friend asked me to design her wedding invite - so I have been looking for ideas all over the net from here and there.
Look at this one, this is my wedding invite I made a couple of months back, cute isnt it! It looks more like a baby shower invite ... :D
Those memories are so nice and fresh and they sure would be sunshine for me forever and ever. :)

Happy Ending ~

Last week was pretty much unhappy – lots of unhappy things happened, met lots of unhappy people – The world seemed such an unhappy place to live. This continued until late Friday evening until I met my cousins in Milwaukee – That’s the name of a beautiful place in Wisconsin. I had the first experience of travelling by a train in US. The train station was huge but very organized – overall a good experience.
Here are some beautiful cards I made to end a not so beautiful week – sowieee for the repetitions – scarcity of material and lack of ideas!

Smiles and Cheers :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its time to move !

I have been kind of bored making those regular my kind of 'cute and colourful' cards! . So its time to move and try my hands on something new.

I have this crafty friend ,Spardha - She makes really nice and creative stuff! Make sure to add her blog to your reading list -

Last week I made this for my home sweet home, this has been made totally from the left overs I had in my box.
It does give a brighter look to my wall.

Another simple card, not exactly a card but something that can be put on a gift for writing in your wishes, I picked up the 3D flowery sticker from Hallmark - Black and magenta have been my fav combinations.
I plan to try out making this sticker myself, it looks pretty simple.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beautiful !

After a busy work week, I had a beautiful relaxed weekend. We went strolling along the beautiful lakes of Minneapolis. It’s a great feeling to be sitting by the beach and listening to the sounds of water and watching the sun go down. Such a calm and beautiful feeling it was! Wish I could do that every day.

This is the card I made for one on my friends' sons first Birthday. I did not have much time for this so I picked up a few stickers and ribbons from my box and placed them here and there. I m glad it came out pretty vibrant.

I used my fav loop punch for the boundary.

Check out the picture I took at the lake, Doesn't this look calm and beautiful!

Hope you guys had a good weeknd too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Making everyday less everyday!

Its so boring to do the same things everyday even if it is doing something you really like. I think it is the repetition that makes life dull and monotonous. So it is okay to bunk classes and go for a movie, take a personal day and relax, celebrate Saturdays on Tuesdays sometimes!
For me it is these lil somethings I make with my hands that breaks the monotony :)
Here are some cute bookmarks I made recently. I used my new heart confetti punch for the lil hearts.

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