Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Ending ~

Last week was pretty much unhappy – lots of unhappy things happened, met lots of unhappy people – The world seemed such an unhappy place to live. This continued until late Friday evening until I met my cousins in Milwaukee – That’s the name of a beautiful place in Wisconsin. I had the first experience of travelling by a train in US. The train station was huge but very organized – overall a good experience.
Here are some beautiful cards I made to end a not so beautiful week – sowieee for the repetitions – scarcity of material and lack of ideas!

Smiles and Cheers :)


  1. there is definitely no lack of ideas! :).. am sorry for ur bad week.. know what ppl say.. at the end of every wrong turn, a blessing waits for u! ;)..
    okay not so relevant, so here's my quote..
    be happy!.. at least its over now! :)

  2. Thank u Spardha :) Your comment sure cheered me up!

  3. Beautiful cards. And yes, I agree with Spardha, where is the lack of ideas?? I hope all's well at your end now.


  4. Soo colourful!! So Nice!!! Just Lovin It Miss Bee!!!


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