Its time to move !

I have been kind of bored making those regular my kind of 'cute and colourful' cards! . So its time to move and try my hands on something new.

I have this crafty friend ,Spardha - She makes really nice and creative stuff! Make sure to add her blog to your reading list -

Last week I made this for my home sweet home, this has been made totally from the left overs I had in my box.
It does give a brighter look to my wall.

Another simple card, not exactly a card but something that can be put on a gift for writing in your wishes, I picked up the 3D flowery sticker from Hallmark - Black and magenta have been my fav combinations.
I plan to try out making this sticker myself, it looks pretty simple.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. yup i agree with u one has to keep evolving one's style.......
    I love the 3-D flower....

  2. aww.. thanks so much!.. thats very sweet of you to post my blog's link.. :)
    and totally love the card!.. leftovers can be a bliss! :)..
    and the flower sticker is very very cute.. I'm sure you can make it.. and i'll wait for ur tutorial! ;)


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