Sunday, December 19, 2010

Season of Joy!

Christmas parties, gifts, decorations and celebrations! - sure the holiday season brings a  smile on every face!
Another card I made on this weekend - this one just happened while I was curling some left over strips of paper! 

Sometimes I feel - I was born to make quilled cards . lol!

Recently I came across this website - It is a non-profit organization focussed on development of poor children. You can Sponsor a Child's education for as little as Rs 600/month. I was quite amazed how a lil step from our side can make a wonderful difference in somebody's Life! 

Lets bring a smile on someone's face :)


  1. So u r exploring more and more with quilling.. and the results are fantastic.. keep it up.. :)

  2. Thanks Kranti. I have fallen in love with quilling :) Thanks for the compliment :)


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