Down the memory lane!

Today while clearing up my mail box I found this - an article I had written for 'Avant Garde' our college magazine!
This brought back the memories of those 4 years! They were truly the best years of my life.
That was the time of dreaming, aiming and achieving, fun and frolic, tears and laughters and making friends for Life!

To all my friends in college - while you study hard for your grades make sure you dont miss out the fun part. Few years down the line, you might forget the grades, actually you WILL! but the memories you make will last for ever and ever.

The newest addition to my basket is the tiny cute gift bag - perfect for tiny stuff like gift cards , jewelry or may be chocolates :)

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  1. aww!.. super cute bags!... love them!.. :D
    Happy New Year! :D

  2. Thanks Spardha :)
    Happy New year to u too sweety!


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