Down the Memory Lane ~

I was looking at some old pics and I stumbled on a few of my pics from Arizona. I spent 2 yrs of my Life in Phoenix for an onsite assignment, I had the most awsesome time of my Life then.
Life seemed to be just perfect - the first hand experience of stuff and places in America which I had only heard of and read in books.
Everything looked so pretty and it made all the more prettier coz I had the perfect bunch of friends. Some were funny and some tried to act funny and some a lil serious and some who had wierd looking eyes! :P
But we all were a perfect bunch :) Celebrating birthdays in our own special ways - singing and dancing! Sometimes I wanted life to stop coz that all seemed like a perfect dream!
Gosh! I feel nostalgic...wish I could turn back time!

Another fancy envelope - perfect combination of colours and is perfect to use it as a gift card holder. I just cant get tired of quilling :)

Eenzy Beenzy


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