Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The flowers have gone..

..so have the leaves, It so dry and gloomy out here in Minneapolis, the days are getting shorter and darker!
Sometimes I wonder how weather affects my mood so much!
Looks like everything around has halted - and that means time for a break, vacation or doing something new!

One thing that I am doing to keep my spirits high and the energy flowing is learning to swim - I was damn scared when I entered the pool the first time but now I have kind of started loving it.

A sad card reflecting my sad mood over the past week - lol :D
This looks so damn neat!

Smiles all the way ~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Long Long weekend..

It was a long long weekend in US. It was awesome fun with friends - shopping and partying. And now those terrible Monday blues, Its going to be hard to get back to the normal routine!

I made this for a customer who wanted a 11x14 collage for her dad's birthday. 
Lil bit of quilling and a lot of patience!
I am glad it came out nice :)

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sometimes Thank You....

.... doesn't seem quite enough!

I think a lifetime is just not enough to give back what Moms do for us!

The lesson my mom has always given me that has always helped me sail smoothly through some most difficult situations!
Your journey will never be smooth and beautiful - you will find some beautiful flowers on the way and you will also find heaps of garbage! Take time to smell the flowers and walk away quick when you come across the garbage.

Another card I made recently that I had troubles parting with!
I so much love the colour combination and the quilled flowers! I used my Silhouette to cut out the sentiment.
And the card looks even more awesome in real!

Smiles all the way ~

Friday, November 11, 2011

Moments ~

There are moments in Life you will never forget - your first date, your first job, your first paycheck, your first vacation, your first car ..the list goes on!
These moments get forever etched in your memory , moments when you feel your best, moments that define who you are..
Just like my first card, it was a pretty simple one ....I feel happy to have come a long way!

This card is for a friend of mine, he wanted this to be customized for his friends anniversary. I
am happy that it came out so neat and he sent me this note -

Thanks a lot Shruti...you are awesome :)

 Thanks people for all the love you have shown all this while!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deliciousness with a capital D

Last few days have been really yummy! I have my brother visting me from Seattle...so we have been having some really Delicious food my massi cooked for us.
I am going to have her teach me everything and then post the recipes here...lol
Recently discovered a new store - http://www.quillingsuperstore.com/ for almost all the quilling supplies, I am sure you'll love it!

Here is a simple and a sweet card I quilled recently - this is my fav pattern and I do it so effortlessly.

Have a great rest of the Week!

Friday, November 4, 2011

More than Just leaves ~

Fall season is a reason to celebrate. It give you the last chance to go outdoors and enjoy the sun. People who live on the snowy side of the planet would know! :) I clicked a whole bunch for pics of the leaves - I have posted some of the pics I clicked here -http://fundooflash.blogspot.com/2011/10/and-leaves-turn-red.html
Thanks Leesandra for organizing the blog hop - a perfect time to appreciate those talented people out there and make some new friends.
Make sure you visit her blog :)

If you are coming from Linda's quilling nest - http://www.myquillingnest.com/ 
You are doing just awesome. 

I made this simple and a pretty card yesterday! I never miss a chance to put those lil beads on my quilled patterns :) Hope you all like it!

Now lets hop on to Melissa's blog - http://sleeplesswonder.blogspot.com/

And a big hand to all the wonderful crafters across the globe!
I have looked at your blogs and I think there is a lot to learn from you all..
You guys are an inspiration :)




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