Deliciousness with a capital D

Last few days have been really yummy! I have my brother visting me from we have been having some really Delicious food my massi cooked for us.
I am going to have her teach me everything and then post the recipes
Recently discovered a new store - for almost all the quilling supplies, I am sure you'll love it!

Here is a simple and a sweet card I quilled recently - this is my fav pattern and I do it so effortlessly.

Have a great rest of the Week!


  1. Simply lovely! Wow!
    You do some awesome work! Love your simple elegance of the motifs and the little pearl touches :)

  2. Its gorgeous !
    love your cards
    they are a statement of sophistication and elegance ..

  3. wow! wonderful pattern ! beautiful cards. love ur ideas.
    cheers !

  4. Fabbie project!.. LOVE the neat quilling! :)


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