Monday, January 31, 2011

Chilly Quilly Monday!

Today was a chilly quilly Monday :)

It snowed all day long! 5:30 pm and its all so dark!
Just to brighten up a not so bright is a card I made today :) woww, that was rhyming!
I made this for a friend of mine, Though it is a simple quilling pattern - its still my fav :)
Totally love the vibrant colours!

Have a bright week ahead :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life is sweet ~

This post is dedicated to all the crafters across the globe. 
I made this one yesterday for particpating in the quilling blog hop event hosted by Leesandra from SweetSpotCards. You are fabulous for bringing up this idea :)
Not a very successful attempt to make it look like a heart. But I am glad it came out super neat and the colour combination looks so good!
If you just arrived from Mona's blog are doing superb!
Hop ...hop to watch out some wonderful stuff by Cheryl 

Also dont forget to like me on fb -

You might want to check out some super duper quillers - each one of you inspire me so much. If you have never tried quilling before I hope you will be inspired and encouraged to give it a try.

Sandy -

Linda -
Fran -
Mona -
Shruti - ** I am here **
Cheryl -
Regina -
Phillippa -
Suzana -
Lin -
Jacquline -
Bronwyn -
Yuenie -
Amna -


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weddings ~

....are the most beautiful thing ever ~
The dresses, the gifts, the cakes, the smiles, the ceremonies, the blessings - they all are so precious! They are sure a memories forever and ever.
I made this card for a close friend of mine, she gets married next month :)
She was so so happy to receive the card, it made all the effort I spent in making the card worthwile. This is my favourite of all that I have made so far.

Quilled cards are so beautiful!
I find so much joy in making cards and even more in the compliments I get back :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mondays.. are not my favourite!

Its really hard to get back to the normal routine after the weekend break :( But thats the way it is and it will be :)
Check out the card I made this weekend, it seems to be saying - Friday is just 4 days away ;)

I totally loved making this one -

Thanks for looking.
Have a great week ahead :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wowww ~

Our weekend this time was very exciting..the very first skiing experience on the Afton Alps. What a heavenly place it was!
The picture doesnt do any justice but here is one just for the sake of it -

I was wondering how the firsts in life are such a wowww feeling. And these wowws become the stories we tell later on in our Lives :)
This is a simple card I made yesterday. I didnt like it much but it was a great feeling to squeeze out time from the busy busy schedule for something I really heart !

May you all have a beautiful wow moments in your lives :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make someone happy ~

And happiness will come back to you ~
                      Yesterday I called my mom to wish her on her birthday - she was soo soo happy with the card I made for her.That was a perfect start of my day.
Later in the afternoon I got a custom order for a similar card...yoohooo!
This one is for my dad - he celebrates his birthday next week. 
He is a gem! He tries to keep things as simple as possible for himself and for everyone around! That makes him a very likeable person among all his friends and his students! 
Great quality indeed.

I lurrvved the 'Father' sticker - could not resist buying this one.
My fav lace punch, some quilling, punched stickers, eco fi felts here and there and yes it came out nice and bright!

Make sure you make someone happy with those lil gestures. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mothers are precious!

I made this one page card for my moms birthday :) this would sure make the collage she makes with all the cards I send her look even brighter.
She herself is so creative - she does lots of bead work, paintings and I still remember making handmade New year cards with her when we were kids. 

Mothers are indeed precious :)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Last week I got this surprize in my mail box - a card from across the miles from a crafty friend of mine.

I really like the way she has set up her blog splly the way she bookmarks the stores for the craft stuff from here and there. Its really helpful for the newbies.
Spardha, Now I can tell for real that your cards are super neat and you would be seeing some of the stuff you sent on my cards very soon :)
You are totally amazing girl!

I love surprizes, who doesent ;)

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