Weddings ~

....are the most beautiful thing ever ~
The dresses, the gifts, the cakes, the smiles, the ceremonies, the blessings - they all are so precious! They are sure a memories forever and ever.
I made this card for a close friend of mine, she gets married next month :)
She was so so happy to receive the card, it made all the effort I spent in making the card worthwile. This is my favourite of all that I have made so far.

Quilled cards are so beautiful!
I find so much joy in making cards and even more in the compliments I get back :)


  1. my sweety little angel it is worth admiring it is very simple & beautiful

  2. I love the simple lines in the work that you do. Your work is beautiful. So glad I stopped by on my way around the world.
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  3. Such a delicate design, and the jewels are great ... lovely!


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