Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just follow your heart ..

...and you will sure wake up to something you have dreamt of! 
Just like this beautiful picture one of my friend shared, I did this baby shower banner for her. She is going to have a boy so she wanted a sports theme for the party!
I am so in love with the pictures she shared.

And here is the baby shower card I made! a pretty simple one but thats how I like it.

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Eenzy Beenzy

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let me stop judging ~

As this year started, I made a list of changes rather improvements I want to make - one was to stop judging others because it only makes me unhappy if someone does not behave the way I want him/her to. I recently read an article around that and would love to share what I liked about it.
"We judge everyone because we are ignorant of what the person is going through, we unrealistic expectations of people, we get self centered, we stop being curious, but instead we close off all learning. 
We can't really help someone or the the situation from a place of judgment.
Only when we let go of the judgment that has arisen, and come to a place of acceptance and curiosity and empathy, we can help. And  we will be a lot happier in the process!"

So here is the quick one I did - I never miss a chance to gift handmade stuff to those I love. This one is a gift card holder for a friends wedding. These are the ones that get taken away the earliest!

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Eenzy Beenzy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Babies are precious ~

Being a mommy to a precious 10 month old gives my Life totally a new meaning. Things that made me fret, things that upset me and things about a few close ones which annoyed me suddenly stopped 
bothering me at all. Life has never been so beautiful and content. Such are these precious lil ones.
Just can't be more thankful for this gift that has made my Life better than the best. 
Check out this cute envelope I made sometime back - can be used as a gift card holder. 

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Eenzy Beenzy

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