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The countdown has begun...

...last few days to go for this fabulous year to end.
Like always , its time to reflect on all the richness this year was filled with.

This indeed has been one of the finest years of my Life and I just can't thank the Almighty enough for his blessings. We got blessed with a beautiful baby girl and Life suddenly has a new meaning - priorities have changed, relationships have a new meaning and my mornings became brighter! 

Life has gotten really busy and guess it will only get busier and days and months and years will just slip by! so, I make sure to make cards, it helps me slow down and relax and just be!

I am so ready to welcome the new year with open arms and a broad smile on my face! I am very happy to be chosen as part of the DT for IQCG (Indian Quilling Challenge Group). Thanks Shylaa for having confidence in me! Looking forward to enjoy and have fun with the talented bunch of people.

A card I made recently for a dear friend, she got engaged recently and has been asking me to do on…