Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quiet Days ~

Its almost December - and it feels good that I do not have to bear the Delhi cold or the Minneapolis snow this time. I am in love with the Hyderabad weather - bright sunny days followed by pleasant evenings. 
But what I don't like is that days are shorter and quieter - and by the time I finish office its already dark and ISB has gotten quieter with the placement season approaching. 

I think everyone around feels the same as well - so I did this creativity event at ISB where in people post their creative stuff and the one who gets the max likes gets the goodies. This has really helped me keep my energy high - spreading the creative bug. :)

 A quilled envelop I did today to spend my quiet Sunday evening.

Love all the way,
Eenzy Beenzy

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrations ~

Today is the day when I came into this beautiful world - not much of a celebration coz after an age I think we should stop making a big deal out of birthdays and celebrate it in our own special ways. 
So my dear husband decorated the corner with balloons - what a beautiful morning it was. Rest of the day went pretty well - not much of a celebration but just ....Happiness! in our own lil ways.

My friend had requested for a birthday card for his close friend, so thats the best I do when it comes to making cards for guys - the wine glass ornaments makes it look perfect!

Eenzy Beenzy

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cutest Card Ever ~

I had been longing to make this card but had been super busy with office stuff that dint get a chance! Recently there was a custom order so I picked this design. She was so elated after looking at the card - it was no where close to what she thought I'd make.

I had so much troubles parting with this card!
I have put in all my heart in making this card. I hope you love the card as much as I do.

Eenzy Beenzy

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