Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brave ~

I am a very fond of animated movies , they not only relax me but transport me to a different world of dreams and inspire me to keep thinking about endless possibilities that life holds.
Yesterday I watched the movie 'Brave'. I am kind of in love with Meridas red, curly hair and her independent attitude! Do watch it if you get a chance!
The movie closes on a beautiful note 
"Our fate lives within us…you just have to be BRAVE enough to see it." Thats so veryy true!

A simple yet pretty card I made last week, didn't get a chance to post it then! I love the soft pinks I used in this one..

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The perfect evening tea!

Today was a perfect Saturday evening - we had some old friends over tea! After a long time it was the kind of evening tea I love to have!
That reminded me of our tea with our neighbours back in Minneapolis - They used to drop in every once in a while and we use to talk , share  ideas and laugh together. They had almost become a part of us. I think it is such people who help us connect to the values and traits we respect the most in others and in doing so we discover more about ourselves.

This is a recent order I did for a very dear customer! She is so pretty that her pictures brighten the frame even more. 
She sent me a nice picture of the corner where the frame rests in her home. I feel so blessed to be a part of someones happiness and memories! :)

Thanks for stopping by, 
Eenzy Beenzy

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