Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally... a chance to get back to my craft room - after two weeks of settling down with my new workplace!
I am so happy that my new office is close to where I stay - so that means spending more time doing my fav stuff!

I had a very relaxed weekend - nice family outing and then a stroll at my fav lake. It couldn't get any better. Hop on to my photo watch the beautiful sunset that I captured!
A pretty card I made with all my love and care :). The wine glass ornaments are my favourite.

Sending smiles...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Pitstop!

The good thing about bad thing is that it comes to an end and the bad thing about good thing is that it also comes to an end ~
Just like the relationship with my current job ends and the new one begins!
Memories I have collected are priceless! 

Just cant forget the awesome view from the cafeteria - the Minneapolis skyline and watching the planes landing and taking off !
Lots of learnings and unlearnings happened all this while! Just like Life moves on should we!

A simple and a pretty card I made today - Totally love the soft colours!

Stay Happy!

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