Saturday, June 26, 2010

Staying Alive!

So guys I am back after a long work week at Chicago(check out the picture). It was a great experience - chicago is a confusing place to stay especially for people like me who cant read maps. The week was quite happening - lots of things happened - getting lost, getting found, learning maps, getting on the wrong buses, clicking pictures , enjoying the view, getting on wrong trains and almost missing the fights, making frends and ofcourse working. But all this while I so much missed doing my fav stuff..yeaa making cards.

But I did make a few of the car hanging ornaments.

Thats Chicago at night!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


If you guys are thinking about the name of my blog - "Amethyst". It is actually a violet variety of quartz. Thats was not so important information :) , the important one is that it is also the name of my fav fragrance from bath and body works. I am a big fan of this store -

Okay so I made this card a week back for my sister 'for' her husband on celebrating their n'th month of togetherness. She wanted to keep this a surprize so I didnt want this post to break her surprize.
I made this with glossed paper and used my new scroll lace punch. I like the combination of yellow and mauve. This card is way beautiful than it looks in the picture. I sure have to buy a better camera.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Invitation Banner

Handmade cards have their own charm but when it comes to sending online invite you want it to be just the best.
One of my friends wanted me to design his wedding invite banner - so here is what I made.

While designing this, I thought of this idea on working more on Photoshop and other online creative suites.
Did I tell you, I already learnt animation in the last few months!
Okayyyy! Now I am excited to learn more :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love it!


I have been quite busy these days packing my stuff to move to Chicago - but still I manage to squeeze out time to do my favorite stuff.

Check out my facebook page I made recently -

This card is based on the same style as the previous ones Ive made - this has been a big hit among my friends so here goes another one.
The snowflake looks misplaced but I so much wanted to use my snow flake punch.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yayy and some Bookmarks

Yayyy! I got a job offer from a company and now I can spend loads of money on the stationery stuff.

Did I tell you I always had a fetish for stationery, colours, pens , stickers, markers!
I had always dreamt of a room full of coloured papers and stuff and today I have that in real. I will post the picture of my room soon.

Till then , check out these bookmarks I made out of left over papers and stickers which couldn't find a place in any card :P


These are really cool vibrant bookmarks.I love them.

Birthday Card

This is a copy of the previous one I made, my friend liked the previous one very much and wanted me to make a similar one for his girl.
I used my new lace heart punch for the boundary, i absolutely love this punch coz I get to use the lil hearts that get punched out.
The I and U on the header are cut out of my discarded jeans.
The heart and the cute flip flops are made of eco fi.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I love you!

A very vibrant card - I used all of my fav colours in it.
I made this for a very close friend of mine, I am sure his girl is going to love him for this.
I recently explored a store near by - It has awesome stuff , I am sure in love with the store.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Car hanging Ornaments

These car hanging ornaments are made of ecofi - the best thing about this material apart from being eco friendly is that it doesn't need any hemming.

My cousins had come over the weekend and they wanted this with their fav numbers over it. Matching the size of both the digits was a lil difficult, I am happy they came out really nice and neat. Handmade gifts are sure a keepsake forever.

Fathers day

Fathers day is here - a perfect time to make him feel special.
This is the finest and neatest of all cards I made so far - may be its coz of the soft colours I used.
I tried a new quilled pattern - I am happy that it came out pretty neat.

For a friend

My friend recently got engaged, and he wanted a really unique card for his fiancée.
I tried my hand at making a card with lots of hearts and ribbons, but it did not come out nice and tidy.
So I made this one - I have used ecofi for the hearts - the best part about this material is that the corners dont need to be hemmed. Quilling in something I love to do when nothing comes to my mind.
I have used vellum sheet as a cover to keep all the puffy stickers and ribbons in place.

P.S I am totally in love with the lady bug stickers. :)

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