Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello People!

Its been a long long time since I made cards, there have been so many things keeping me busy that I hardly get time to hop on here though I have numerous creative projects to share which I have been doing with my daughter.
Its surprising how patiently she joins me to work on whatever I am doing. 

This winter we went through a rough patch - everyone at home taking turns to fall sick. So things were pretty much gloomy and it took me a long time to be up and going. Being a mom and being sick honestly doesn't work!
To cheer myself up I bought myself stones and paints and painted these beauties. 

Now that spring is here and we are planting our own lil garden and I plan to put all these painted stones there. 
I love it how my little one runs each morning to water her plants. 
Ah! little joys of life!

I also went for a paint nite event with my friends - it was so much fun to be doing things which makes me connect with myself more!
Sometimes I need a break from being a mom too :P

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. Beautiful Stone painting.. I have done this once with my daughter.. Real fun

    1. Thanks Lavina! You bet! its so much fun to do random things with kids and I absolutely love how they get engrossed!

  2. We all need time for ourselves

    1. Absolutely! I think if we love ourselves first, we will be able to pass that to our kids and rest of the family.


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