Wedding cards ~

Hello people!

It feels sooo wonderful to be quilling again - however busy and messy my life gets, Eenzy Beenzy bring me back to peace, it is something that gives me satisfaction and immense joy and puts me back into a state of flow.
Just recently I got a request from a customer for a unique wedding invite - there is a funny thing about me, as I speak to someone the idea of what I am going to create starts forming in my head. It's easy to have a connect to someone when you listen carefully and get interested in someone one is really excited about.

And I think sketching is a great idea to share your thoughts with the customer so that they can suggest early changes.

This one is really close to my heart, just when I thought I would not be able to pull this one off, since it has been a while I opened my craft box!
But my customer said she had been following me on fb and my blog for a while now and she really had wanted to get her card done from me!
When I just started making cards, I used to dream of bulk orders and making wedding cards - and this was like a dream coming true.

Love it how it sits beautifully on my table - I am really going to have a hard time parting with this one!

I hope you love the card as much as I do!
Eenzy Beenzy!


  1. Beautiful work, Shruti ! Yes, I loved it totally !

    Jasleen xx

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