Healthy Sweetness ~

Its weekend again and a perfect time to spend time with myself - time to relax and rejuvenate - time to do things that I love! Since eating healthy is also on my list for the to do's this year - I'd start with something which my mom used to make for us when we were lil. She used to call them energy balls :D 
Its packed with loads of dry fruits and flour and butter and sugar. I try to keep the butter and sugar on the lower side.
These are totally handcrafted with love, care and a lot of patience! I am looking forward to happy mornings with these energy balls a cup of hot coffee and the morning peaceful chants.

Sending you a happy Cheer,
Stay Healthy, Stay blessed!


  1. These healthy sweetness balls look delicious with nothing close to shot of nutrients every morning, for me as well i will prefer then with low amount of sugar and probably butter too.

  2. these homemade sweets and cards are looking amazing, i really like you blog, it had a great fun to go through it, lovely! thanks for sharing with us, keep it up.


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