As this year draws to a close...

.....its time to spend some quiet time and reflect on what gifts, joys and learning's the year has given you. For me the yr has been a Life changer - moving to Hyd has been one of the most wonderful things that happened to me this year and I am very thankful for that. Its pure awesomeness to be living this experience and making friends with an awesome bunch of people. Lots of dreams, wishes and hopes have come true this year. ~ 
There are things that have brought me down but now if I look at the bigger picture - those lows were very little and have only helped me look at the brighter side of life!

Life is busy and will only get busier, but do spend sometime to reflect back on the year that just went by in a wink. Just pause for a moment - be Thankful for all the goodness that this year gave you. 

A beautiful envelope I made for a close frend who had to go for her cousins wedding ~

Eenzy Beenzy


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