Purple Magic ~

While the days are getting darker and shorter - Its getting brighter at 'Eenzy Beenzy'! I am working on a few things that I had been waiting for long - what a relief it is to strike off stuff which has been sitting on your to do list for long.
What I have realized is if you just plan one important task for your day and get it done without ifs and buts...you feel really good about your day!

The placement fever is on at ISB so the better halves are busy with the late night sessions - thats when I put on my fav music, get a cup of chocolate milk and sneak into my craft corner and spend as much time as I want doing what I love doing most!

Here is what I made today - the side glittery strips are from Itsy Bitsy! I love the soothing shades in this one, I left the card empty for the sentiment so that I could customize it later!

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Eenzy Beenzy