~ Happy New Year ~

Eenzy Beenzy wishes everyone a very Happy New Year ~
May this year brings lots of happiness, laughters, smiles and togetherness in everyones lives.
I love the New years time coz its time for new diaries ..something I am so fond of!
and making new resolutions and keeping fingers crossed that they last longer than the previous years! :P
My resolution for this year is to have more meaningful relations which are not based on materialistic possessions instead based on love, care and respect!
and let go of the rest.

Lets all make this year count! Lets make it the best so far ~

Some pretty tags, tint cards, thank you notes - they look super cute ~

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy


  1. there lovely, really like the quilled ones!!!
    wish you and your family the best og 2013 !!!

  2. Thanks much Paula :)
    Wish u a very happy 2013!


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