Getting busy..

.....takes care of half of your worries. And the other half really doesnt matter! :)
I rememeber doing nothing when I was a stay at home wife! I absolutely loved it for a while but then the feeling of not doing anything worthwile was kind of killing. I wasnt so happy seeing my friends progess in their lives!  But then ... I started going to the library and spending time reading...things got better...and then in a few months I got a job, developed a new hobby of card making and things just got normal....I would say better than normal. I stopped getting bothered by things , people and circumstances coz I was too busy with my stuff!
So for all the empty minds who have been busy wandering - take the first step and see things rolling!

This is a collage I made for my friends kids' birthday - I put them in a frame and gave him as a gift from my side. He absolutely loved it and I think nothing can beat personalized gifts! I myself love recieveing lil personalized gifts rather than expensive ones. I think it holds more value than anything else!

Eenzy Beenzy