We took the road less travelled..

..and it made all the difference!

Past few days we were having a terrible time travelling to work - traffic is the major
problem here! More frustrating is getting stuck in the traffic and then hearing people honking and yelling at each other! Very sad to see this side of India!
So we decided to start our day early and I was amazed how we cut down our travel time
and also avoided the traffic jams! And starting the day well has a beautiful cascading
effect on the rest of the events of the day!
I am so amazed - how taking the road less travelled can make a whole lot of difference to our lives.
One of the Thank You cards I made for my friends at work back in Minneapolis. I love the colour combination - simple and yet so pretty!

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. What a pleasant sunflower. That one button is adding so much character to the card!

  2. simply beautiful card, love the flower!!!

  3. Beautiful. It has such a simplistic charm to it, aesthetic beauty! Wonderful! :)

  4. cute card.........super work.God bless u.love u.

  5. Thanks People for the lovely comments :)


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