And Life is Good again..

After two weeks of settling down in India - Life is good again.
There have been a lot of challenges for us - but I am glad I have a wonderful family who made us feel so comfortable.
Nothing can beat the feeling of being at home , laughing and sharing and making memories together!

Just recently I got an order from Canada - the customer wanted a cute girly card with quilled coffee mugs! It came out exactly the way I wanted and the best part was I was able to do it in the very limited resources I had at hand!
He wanted me to ship the card all the way from India and was ready to pay any amount of shipping for the card! woww! It has to be the prettiest!

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. It is such a lovely card, this will be a great success.

  2. I see why the customer was keen! :) This is a super-perfectly cute card :)

  3. The card is really nice. Though I wish it was a little less crowded. Maybe one ribbon instead of one wud have done the job. But, otherwise,awesome card. :) ATB to ur business in India now. Wish u all the luck!

  4. wow gorgeous card, love the glitter and embelishments !!!

  5. I Love your every design what u made.wish u all the best of luck.God bless u sweety.


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