The last week...

We have been busy this week tying up loose ends and fitting in last visits to our fav cafes and saying good bye to friends . Feels great to be surrounded by people who care!
I know I am going to miss Minneapolis like crazy when I get back but I am actually looking forward to get thru all of this stress of packing and closing the accounts and other stuff.
Everything feels so unsettled right now but we are still trying to appreciate lil moments happening everyday!

Here's the view from my apartment...something I will miss the most :)

This is from out latest visit to - Barnes and Nobles, I love the smell of coffee and books more than drinking and reading so this place turned out to the best hangout place for us ;) Many important decisions ...we've taken here! 

This is my patio - the happiest corner of my home...Nothing could be more relaxing to be sitting here and chit chatting after a tiring day! 

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. Wow! You had a beautiful home in Minneapolis, at least from the outside :) The photos, esp Instagram photos, make them so special and so full-of-emotions. I can feel your pain. Hope you have a smooth time packing up and safe journey back home. Take care!

  2. Thanks 'Hope' , Ya it looks very beautiful in the snow and I love the greens in the summer! :)


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