Another Moms day card ~

I almost had a panic attack last weekend - so much going on at work and then my friends requesting me to make cards for them! Gosh! I hate to so say No! and its time to set my priorities right!

I plan to put this on my wall so that I can remind myself to slow down...
If you’re doing something you enjoy, allow yourself to fully immerse into it and experience the joy.  Don’t rush into the next thing and rob yourself of this precious gift instead just sway along ~

A pretty mom's card to brighten a not so happy week!

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. really pretty shruti... love the paisley PP... and ur quilling as usual is really neat and super...!!

  2. Beautiful card!!!
    we all tend to rush around, we do need to slow down and enjoy the things in life!!

  3. Very pretty indeed! Nice to meet another quiller!


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