Not so happy day..

Friday didn't start good for me...I am kind of upset today - it has been more than a week I sent out a packet and my customer hasn't received it yet...looks like it got misplaced somewhere!

I have my lessons learn t of not sending a big packet by normal post! but anyways - I still have my fingers crossed!

A pretty card to brighten up a not so bright day - It is pretty simple..but I love every tiny bit of it :)

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. Shruti.. I've lost so many packages by post that I've lost count.. Never despair... And keep hoping that the customer receives your packet.. Love the use of PP here.. IF it is PP and I am assuming correctly and super sentiment.. Do you print out your sentiments???

  2. I still have my fingers crossed...but I think how expensive it is to send lil cards by registered post!
    what is PP?
    I type the sentiments using my printer.


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