O' happy dayyy!

I received this beautiful message from my Mom and Dad...It is so amazing to see them reading my blog and then posting the sweetest comments which I absolutely love to read.

Congratulations!! to Eenzy Beenzy on successfully completing two years. We are very happy for you and very proud too! we know u have plans to celebrate it in a very special way because u deserve it.love u ,proud of u,god bless u
Give yourself a big pat on ur back from mom & dad . Know that we are celebrating with u! KEEP IT UP .                GOD BLESS YOU!

A pretty Mothers day card I made - with a pretty message!

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. mysweety,darling, beautiful,charming daughterSHRUTImom & dad are very lucky to have a daughter like u.It,s really true that daughters are the most precious gift of life ,and the purest blessing in the real sense. daughters are one such heavenly creation,who are undoubtedly the most amazing and wonderful.
    mom& dad love u lots......u make us so proud.....u are the best daughter!!1
    God bless u both .......


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