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Its Time to Celebrate ~

... two happy years of Eenzy Beenzy! Grab your share of the cake and check out Eenzy Beenzy's new logo I made - Isnt that coool..

  and I have a small give away - a basket full of goodies for one lucky person!

Rules are pretty simple -

1. Become a follower on my blog.
2. Follow me on my facebook page.
3. Drop me a comment telling me one thing you like about Eenzy Beenzy! either here or on facebook page -
4. Put the Candy badge on your blog / facebook like I have done myself and link it to ths post.

The best one gets all the goodies in the basket! No..You dont get the basket ;)

The lucky winner would be announced on 5th May!
Lets get it rolling..

P.S - Eenzy Beenzy would fly across the globe to deliver the goodies so everyone is welcome to participate!

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy


  1. love the new logo,someone will be lucky at getting these goodies!!
    been a follower a long time and enjoy stopping in!!

  2. love the logo..soon also get mine your every design what u made..and been a follower a long time..

  3. hey shruti, congrats for the anniversary first of all! I wish u celebrate lot more and more with more and more candies ;) and I love the way u execute ur cards, so very professional. I guess I told u earlier as well I wanna see you stamp. So get ur supplies girl :)
    About the candy I'll be super happy if I win, have been following u for long and did all that u asked. Actually I follow u from both my accounts so I hope I get two chances ;)
    just kidding! Keep rocking!

  4. Congratulations!! to Eenzy Beenzy on successfully completing two years. We are very happy for you and very proud too! we know u have plainsto celebrating it in a very special way because u deserve u ,proud of u,god bless u
    Give yourself a big pat on ur ,s back from mom& dad as know we are celebrating with u
    it,s all result of ur hard work & determination!KEEP IT UP .GOD BLESS YOU &RITESH

  5. Your new logo looks cute.
    Am already your old follower.
    I am not very facebook savy--how do you follow on facebook? I have clicked like though!
    I love your quilling and often drop by to see your old creations even if you dont post!
    Shall link on the sidebar
    COngratulations on your 2 years!


  6. Congratulations Eenzy Beenzy on two years completion. May the coming years be full of more brightness...I must say best thing about your work is its simplicity and yet so beautiful....Simplicity is the core essence of all of your work which makes it unique...I loved it so much that it has become my new inspiration of creativity...Thank you...Happy crafting!!!

  7. Congrats Shruti.. 2 years is some amazing feat... Love the new logo.. I so associate the bee with your blog.. It's like always present.. Love your quilling.. you make some amazingly simple quilled cards which I might add and say that I totally suck at.. Keeping my fingers crossed.. :0

  8. hey congrats dear..i am a follower of your blog from a long time, i just lovvve your snaps and the simple and elegant cards..the wordings on the cards are also very cute.


  9. I love the simplicity and the creativity of Eenzy Beenzy. The ideas are new, refreshing and so charming that each one is worth keeping. I wonder if I will ever be able to give away anything that I buy, to the person I buy it for. Keep up the good work! :)


  10. CONGRATS ON YOUR 2nd Year ! Wishing you many more successful years to come.
    Am now a follower here & a Fan of your FB page. Also I've mentioned what I like about EB on yr FB...BUT would take the pleasure to mention it here- I love your 'CAMERA-WORK' it's amazing.

    Thank You for sharing this amazing bundle of goodies with one lucky person here.

    p.s. I'm also having a Giveaway/Challenge on my blog. I'll be glad to have you over.
    Do drop by....Hurry!!

  11. count me in...congrtas on 2nd anniversary

  12. The first thing I like about you is the name "Eenzy Beenzy"... it's so catchy... hard to!!! I do follow you and yeah liked you Fb page long time ago.

    Well my heartiest wishes for your Blog-anniversary!!! CONGRATS... May you have many more to celebrate!!

  13. congrats dear ..
    you deserve it
    its nice to know you coming to india .. you will love being here
    also one advice .. get hoards of supplies wen u come here .. you will need them
    i love photography skills of ur blog

  14. Thanks everyone..I loved reading each and every comment..
    Thanks much for the love and support!


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