Ah the joys of weekend..

Such are the joys of weekend.....Waking up in the morning to know you can go back to bed again and sipping the morning chai slowly as if you have all the time in the world! :)


This pretty creation is going to hang on my very close friends wall who is going to have a baby very soon...it has so much cuteness..I loved making every tiny bit of it...prolly coz it is for someone close to my heart...Oh My Gosh...I am so excited for her!

Smiles All the way ~
Eenzy Beenzy


  1. sooo adorable, she will love it!!!

  2. This card is really wonderful and special. It shows how good you are in displaying your understanding of nature and colorful surrounding on paper! Its a great art and I hope you do it with great ease and passion!. Good Luck!...

    RG.KG :)

  3. very pretty!!!totally full of love .love u God bless u

  4. this is really nice ,and sweet .love it love u God bless u.


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