Attitude is Altitude!

Today I enjoyed speaking to my mom - we talk talked and talked as if we had all the time in the world. She loves talking so do you can imagine! None of us would stop. Then suddenly she told me about Nick Vujicic getting married..yaa! we do talk a lot of sense too
For those who dont know who that person is - watch this video 

This guy is and has always been my inspiration. Whenever I feel totally shattered or broken- he brings me back to Life!
Then I spent the rest of the evening on his website - - I almost had tears in my eyes as I read more about him. What this guy is doing is beyond words! 

A pretty 'Bride-to-be' card I made recently for a very dear customer of mine. This is one of those cards I had troubles parting with!

Smiles and Cheers,
Eenzy Beenzy


  1. It's gorgeous..Love everything about it..

  2. wonderful daughter ,wonderful thoughts,and wonderful card . MOM DAD always prey to GOD SHRUTI,RITESH always blessed by GOD with his wonder full ways

  3. Lovely it is! I am following your blog since a while now. Love your neat work:) Your quilling is awesome!

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