Cuteness ~

This was one of those not so good week so far, may be it was the grey skies, gloomy weather and
the silence around and may be it was me caught in my own upsetting cycle of thoughts.
But it ended with an Awesome Photography night out @
I loved the decoration, the wine and the food they offered and yaa there was a lot to learn about taking pictures of babies, kids and teens!
The main idea to picture kids is to have their natural expressions captured - crack jokes, give them smarties (lil candies that melt quickly in the mouth and give those kids enough energy to jump around in their most natural way) and play the treasure hunt games and capture their most beautiful expressions.
Here is a picture of a friends daughter, she is veryy cute but soo naughty that it was so hard to take her pictures!

Eenzy Beenzy


  1. Your baby is looking vey cue and naughty. I also have 2 kids and i purchased baby prams then i create some art work on prams now its looking more beautiful and cute like my baby.

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