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Countdown to Christmas ~

It is almost Christmas....time to connect with family members, time to share memories and to create new ones that will be cherished for years!
I love this time of the year - relaxed work, jingles, decorations and music! Its just perfect!
I am taking some time off from making cards and spending time exploring and experimenting with my new camera - 

Merry Christmas to you all!
Take things easy, enjoy ur time and dont forget to pamper yourself!


  1. merry christmas to you and yours!!!

  2. Hey merry Christmas to you and your loved ones !!
    and I'm doing the same these days.. traveling and exploring the new camera :)
    Which one have you got?

  3. Thanks Paula :)
    Hey Radhika - I got a D5100, it is awesome, do post your pics as well..

    Merry Christmas!

  4. well my friend's got that. I have Canon EOS 550D. pretty impressive but I'm still learning to get hold of the settings :|
    I've just one pic uploaded on a blog, you can check it here:


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