Lazy weekend ~

I had a pretty lazy weekend. Sometimes it feels so good to be doing nothing at all especially if life gets too much that you start feeling you've lost touch with yourself, with what you love!
I spent some quiet time reading blogs and I feel just okay with not doing anything more.
Trust me, doing nothing can be very productive. It recharges you, makes you feel relaxed and you feel so ready for what the week has to offer.
A simple card for a cute couple - simply loved making this.

Breathe more, Rush less..


  1. The 3 D effect is gorgeous indeed


  2. Pretty card!.. :)
    I LOVE doing nothing!.. High five! :D

  3. love all that layering on the dress.... reminds me of my wedding gown!!!

  4. What you said really applies to me Sruthi. I read your blog when I need a quick break.
    So how have you been these days.
    Oh. I made my first hand made card last week. Yayy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Thanks Harini :) I am doing good.
    I am glad I inspired you...would love to see what you came up with. Do share with me @

  6. This is gorgeous, so pretty and so elegant, love the 3D effect xxx


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