Letting go is not giving up ~

I need to let go off some things in Life. 
It was my parents last Wednesday in US. I had plans to take off and spend some quality time with them...but coz of the project deadlines it never happened. The days that followed after were even busier.
Many more days have passed since then, nothing has moved the only thing that annoys me now is I would never gain back that time I wanted to spend with them. 
Just to cheer myself up - I spent my evening decorating my craft room and worked on a personalized birthday card, pic in my next post and these lil quilled bookmarks.

 Make sure you set your priorities in Life ...


  1. Awww.. these are very very pretty!
    I know you must be feeling sad but you know what?.. being sad spoils the present too..
    So being sad is just a waste of time :)
    Soo just smile and call them up! :)

  2. Thanks sweetie! I feel much better thinking about the times we have spent together :)
    Smiles :)


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