Home is where your heart is!

We had a busy busy weekend walking on the beautiful streets of New York - the city is electric, so full of energy and dreams. Picture just cannot do any justice to what you see for real! Just for the sake of it - here is a picture I clicked from the top of the Empire State building!

But nothing can beat the feeling of being back in your own lil cozy corner. The feeling is just AWESOME! 
This is a personalized card I made for a friend, she wanted a collage for her friends new home!
I had a hard time parting with this one! :P

Rise and Shine :)


  1. Gorgeous post.. I love those card and those picture.. By the way those feeling is great... Thanks for this nice post.

  2. wow!.. love the pic!.. and the collage is so cute! :)
    love the die cuts! :D

  3. after seeing the beautiful picture of ny,it has refreshed our memories .
    collage is nicely decorated.feeling is great.love you


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