Happy Mom to be!

I had a really nice and a relaxing weekend and the week started really happily!
Loved watching Kungfu panda with my family!
Cartoon movies never fail to amaze me! They take you away from reality into a world full of fairies and dreams!
And the best part is they always carry a lesson - Just like this one said
"Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are, it is the rest of your story, who you choose to be…"
Just cant agree to it more!

Here is a Mommy card I made for a friend of mine , the inside of the card says
Happy mommy to be!
Totally loved the soft colours!

Have a happy rest of the week :)


  1. yep i loved kung fu panda too!!! its a real nice movie :) and so is ur card!!! very pretty!! the soft tones are gorgeous!

  2. So sweet. I like the basket best

  3. wow...Lovely card!!! I just love this beautiful card.. Those flowers and the text designs are looking awesome. Thanks for this nice post.


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