Stylish Blogger Award!

Thanks Khushboo for passing me on the Stylish blogger award!
Do hop on her blog - She is an awesome crafter!

To receive this award the rules to be followed are:
Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.
Step 2 - Share 8 random things about you.
Step 3 – Award 8 of your favourite bloggers with this award.
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they have won the award.

Here go 8 random things about me.. :)

- I love dancing!
- I love collecting fashion jewelry, I hardly wear em!
- I love playing with kids
- I am very easy to get along with
- I am very talkative
- I love rain
- I love magenta and yellow, anything thats bright magenta and yellow I want it!
- I love spending time with myself, I usually go shopping alone! ...

8 of my fav bloggers -
Philippa -
I just love the way she combines pretty quilling pattrens with pretty pictures!

She does all the awesome stuff and she has her own store for all the crafting supplies!

She has really unique crafting ideas and I just love her video tuts!

I like every piece of art she creates with her fabulous quilling!

I started following her after she organized the blog hop event! She is simply amazing!

She makes the cutest of all cards, lover her cute quilling patterns!

Juhi -
She has an amazing website, I really like her cards.

I love her cards, they are just plain amazing.

I love her work , she does really nice quilling.

Smiles all the way ~


  1. You deserve it girl... Love your work..:-)

  2. congrats on the Award, thank you for sharing it, and happy that you like my quilling!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the award. I am so happy you like my quilling. And happy to follow you. Congratulations on the 100th post and happy blogiversary.

  4. Thanks for the kind words sweetheart!!!

  5. Aww, I just read this and I think you're fabulous, too! Thank you for thinking of me. Glad you enjoy my blog. I hope you have an amazing day!


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