Simple Joys

It has been a beautiful start of the weekend - bright and a sunny day...Spring is finally here...yuhoo! And almost 400 fans on my facebook page.
Here is the link if you havent visited that yet -
Thank you - Happy quilling for passing me on the virtual award - that was a beautiful start of the month :) I love your cards too. :)

I find so much joy in writing my posts and even more in reading what others write. You all inspire me so much.
Here is a card I made today - I love the combo - red and black and white!

Lets keep the spirits high!


  1. Pretty card. loved the black n white combo :)

  2. LOVE the zebra stripes! great card!

  3. WOW!!.. pretty card!.. I love the combo too!.. soo elegant!.. love the ribbon! :)

  4. yes the card is really.....pretty!


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